Week 3 photos: In honor of Kazan’

The wall of the Kremlin in Kazan’.

I had a silly collection of photos planned for this weekend. But then the news has been reporting bursts of violence not only in the Caucasus, from which such stories have become almost routine, but also in Kazan’, the capital of the republic of Tatarstan. Continue reading


Week 2 photos: The Garden Ring

Moscow, like many cities with medieval roots, is circular at heart. Around the core of the city is  a linked set of boulevards called the “Garden Ring”, which hosts a number of monuments and small park spaces. When the weather is nice, it’s a very popular place to stroll.

Above, Vladimir Vysotsky, a Soviet-era singer/songwriter slash poet who earned an official living as an actor. Think Bob Dylan, with a dose of censorship and authoritarian repression, ending in a tragic death in the midst of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Even though no official announcement was made, tens of thousands turned out for his funeral. Just listen.

More photos here.