Column published

Just a quick link to a short column I published on Anthropology News.

At a rally against fascism in Moscow last autumn, a small crowd gathered within a square barricaded from the public by metal detectors and a contingent of police. Anarchist black, socialist red, and rainbow flags waved in the chill November wind. The flags looked brave, but I felt uneasy after some of us had been attacked on our way to the rally. A mob of young men all in black, faces covered with scarves and blue surgical masks, had burst into the metro station where we were meeting. Shouting slogans like “Glory to Russia!” and “Death to anti-fascists!” they beat up two activists and pushed a third onto the subway tracks. Luckily the latter was rescued before a train came, but the other two went to the hospital in ambulances.

I let myself get a bit swamped under with fellowship applications and teaching-related work, hence real lack of posts. I’ll try to get back into the swing of things after the AAA conference in Chicago next week.

On the plus side, after I gave my guest lecture to the giant intro cultural anthropology class yesterday (super exciting title: Structure, Agency, Resistance), a student stopped me on the sidewalk to tell me she really enjoyed my lecture and it was her favorite of the semester. Absolutely made my day. Thanks, anonymous student!