Another day, another name: Nikolai Kavkazsky

18 April—Day of solidarity with Nikolai Kavkazsky. Nikolai, who earlier had actively given help to those held in the Bolotnaya Case, was himself arrested. Since July 25, 2012, he has been held in prison.

Nikolai finished school as a cellist and had prepared to become a musician, but his love for national history and the law outweighed that, so he went to law school.

Nikolai is a hereditary intellectual; his parents are musicians. He is young, but already well known as an activist and human rights defender. He positions himself as a left social-democrat. As a lawyer and consultant for the human rights organization “The Committee for Civil Rights,” Nikolai defended the rights of prisoners, the disabled, pensioners, followers of non-traditional faiths, and sexual minorities. He opposed infill development and supported environmentalists. Nikolai was a former member of the youth branch of the party Yabloko, ran for the State Duma, and worked in the precinct and territorial election commissions. Before his arrest, Nikolai supported “the prisoners of May 6”: he demonstrated in a picket supporting them before the Investigation Committee.

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Another day, another name

[Being easily distracted, I have neither posted recently nor managed to start this series when it started. Even so!]

Bolotnaya case. One Day–One Name. Yaroslav Belousov.

The Committee for May 6 has been posting stories every day to recognize and share information about each individual who has fallen under the expanding criminal case involved participants in last year’s May 6 rally, which ended in clashes with police and arrests. As one might imagine, the story of who started the clashes varies dramatically according to who is telling it. The Committee for May 6’s stories are a bit sentimental, but even so it’s a neat exercise, expressing both the scope and the twisty methods of this particular series of repressions. Here’s today’s story (all translation mistakes mine):

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