Week 3 photos: In honor of Kazan’

The wall of the Kremlin in Kazan’.

I had a silly collection of photos planned for this weekend. But then the news has been reporting bursts of violence not only in the Caucasus, from which such stories have become almost routine, but also in Kazan’, the capital of the republic of Tatarstan.

Part of the Qol Sharif mosque, located inside the Kremlin in Kazan’. Islam is the majority religion in the Republic of Tatarstan.

As the NY Times notes, this lovely city has in the past been looked to as an example of a place where Muslims and others live peaceably side-by-side.

Inside the Kremlin, an Orthodox church stands within sight of the mosque.

It’s a place government officials could invoke when they try to show that their fight in the Caucasus isn’t against Islam, but against radicalism. It’s a place researchers could use as a case study for examining which policies or social factors might help lead to or prevent violence between ethnic groups. It looks like the situation may be changing.

In recent years, major renovation projects have been beautifying and restoring the city.

I’m not enough of an expert on these subjects to add anything to the coverage. I just wanted to share some photos of Kazan’ from a trip I took there in 2010. I hope the situation improves.

Children pose with tamed doves on a pedestrian mall in Kazan’.



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