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Time flies! I’d been trying to average about a post per week, but that has clearly fallen off. A couple of photos, and hopefully more of a post in the next day or two.

Social ad about traffic safety

A social advertisement: Behind every symbol–are living people. Driver, pay attention at pedestrian crossings.

(Also good advice for pedestrians to watch out for cars at the crossings!)

High-end stores in Moscow

Moscow is an interesting city for many reasons. One is that it has a sizable population of extremely wealthy people. Given the condition of the typical road in Moscow, not to mention the terrible traffic, I’m not sure what anyone would actually do with a Ferrari. But you can buy one here!

Preparations for Victory Day on Red Square

And coming up on May 9 is Victory Day, celebrating the end of World War II.* It’s an enormous national holiday here, with preparations starting weeks ahead of time to set up parade routes, decorate main squares and streets, and get seating in place for the big events in major cities.

*You probably know this, but just for the record: The USSR fought against Germany in WWII and played a major role in defeating the Nazis. Many Russians to this day are quite proud of this part of their country’s history, and also remember the many sacrifices they and their families made during the war. I make this note because I’ve occasionally run into people who confuse Hitler and Stalin, believe that the US fought the USSR during WWII, and even believe that Nazism and socialism are the same thing. Very weird.


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